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                                         The Full Story

      We started as a landscape and lawn company, however God had much bigger plans for us. Two years ago, I became sick with an autoimmune disease that caused focal seizures, inflammation and a ton of gut issues. My husband and I started frequenting Tomball Farmer’s Market and found so many good resources. We built relationships with several other business owners who cared so deeply about others and their health. I began eating only meats that were pasture-raised and making bone broth. Eventually, we were led to start seeing a naturopath after searching for answers in the medical field to be left with nothing, but less money, leaving us with no real answers or solutions. 


         We put our trust in the Lord and the path He was leading us down, which wasn’t a straight path at first. I started taking supplements and vitamins that were life saving for me, but that couldn’t be the only answer. My husband recognized the importance of growing our own food organically and what that would change for me, for our family and in the future for the community. At some point through our struggles and this journey, God set our hearts on fire to open a store that had the necessary things for people to take back control of their health. We also offer help with growing your own food organically and raising chickens for eggs or meat. We love to connect with others sharing in our experiences and educate or help in any way we can!  Thank you for visiting our page and reading our story. We look forward to meeting and working with our customers. 

-Trevor & Jenna H. 

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